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Bring commerce, content, and marketing technology together to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance digital enablement.

Develop and integrate a cohesive technology stack to connect with customers in new, meaningful ways. Discover our current offerings below.

  • Digital Product Development: Take a customer experience focused approach to creating custom digital products. Our digital product development offering is perfect when off-the-shelf products don’t deliver the capabilities needed to achieve your business goals.
  • Connected Commerce: Implement best-of-breed commerce solutions across the entire buyer journey and all commerce channels, including direct-to-customer, digitally-enabled physical retailing, online marketplaces, order management, and mobile and social platforms.
  • Sales & Service Platforms: By blurring the lines between commerce, content, and marketing, we combine our platform, data, technology, and industry expertise to help you deliver the right solution across all points of customer contact. Using proofs of concepts and an iterative, agile approach to deliver a platform that offers a connected and intelligent sales and service experience across all touchpoints.
  • Marketing Technology: Identify and implement a set of integrated technologies such as decisioning tools, CDPs, Data Management Platforms, and Identity Management Tools, that enable marketing capabilities to efficiently and effectively, acquire, target, engage, and retain customers.
  • Data Analytics: Harness and apply data and analytics at every opportunity to differentiate your products and customer experiences. Set up the technology foundation to become an insights-driven business with multiple data, analytics, and insights technologies—each targeted at a multitude of use cases and different buyer personas.

Our Work

Reimagined Zoom’s complete customer experience and upgraded to a best-in-class technology platform that combines AI-accelerated workflows with experiment-driven digital experiences.

Launched a new digital experience curated to make wellness accessible, wherever people live.

Developed an approach that supports brand customization and customer personalization across the entire Brunswick portfolio, while also simplifying up-front planning, partner vetting, and speeding up the time to launch.

Modernized the global site experience to bring rich product details into a full marketing site experience, allowing all types of Molex personas to find what they need quickly.

Rebuilt the infrastructure on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Launched a new consumer-focused homepage, as well as an updated look and feel for Pediatrics.

Platforms and products that deliver business value

278% Increase in online bookings after launching the new UNC Health website
2X Projected revenue by 2025 for Masonite

“We needed partners who could move at the speed of Zoom.”

Alex London, Head of Digital, Zoom

Meet our Specialists

Christopher Hauca SVP Technology Solutions
Joe Harouni VP Connect Commerce

Platform & Product Services

  • Content Management Systems
  • Commerce Platforms
  • Composable Technologies

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Personalization & Targeting
  • Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Cloud Engineering & DevOps

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