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The future of wellness is all about access, control, and hyper-efficacy. Consumers’ pursuit of whole person health and the quantified self are pressuring health providers and manufacturers to provide individualized care at scale. 

How can you enable individualized care at scale?

The pandemic served as a tremendous accelerator for the adoption of digital health and wellness solutions, from telehealth to connected fitness devices. 

Health and wellness has skyrocketed to the top of many consumers’ minds. While this mindset shift was originally fueled by COVID-19, there has been a lasting change in how people prioritize – and seek control over – their health. 

On the provider and manufacturer side, the need for efficiency is driving cutting-edge R&D and increasing adoption of emerging tech like AI, VR, Robotics & genetically-engineered treatment. A connected omni-channel journey that merges patient needs with advanced technology can put consumers’ at the center of care.

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Digital transformation, experience, 
and analytics agency of record.

Consumer experience partner, reimagining their patient experience from the ground up.

Digital experience partner — focused on creating patient experiences that are inclusive, informative, and effortless — regardless of ability.

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Digital partner supporting strategy, digital experience, and campaigns.

Agency of record supporting campaigns, performance media 
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Digital experience and technology partner.

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Product strategy partner, from ideation and persona research to market ready.

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Digital experience and technology partner.

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"The strategy behind every good experience starts at the same place: empathy. While technologies and trends change with time, human needs do not. A great experience is timeless."
Katie Templin VP, Creative Director

Leading healthcare brands claim significant results.

+18% Increase in "Find-a-Doctor" tool engagement for Spaulding Rehabilitation
+57% Increase in organic website sessions for Universal Health Services

“Hero’s approach to defining the user experience gave me full confidence that we could rethink our digital front door. Hero is not just an agency; they are a strategic partner for our business.”

Gerard Gober, Head of Digital, Universal Health Services

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