Solve critical problems to elevate the level of care you provide when and where it matters most.

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UNC Health

Hero redesigned UNC Health’s digital brand, creating a thoughtful, AA-compliant, and extensible design system.
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“The healthcare consumer journey is no longer linear or channel-specific. It’s on-the-go, dynamic, in-the-home, and outside of the home, taking many sharp turns at a moment’s notice.”

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Innovation & Value Strategy

Danielle Rossi

Managing Director, Northeast

I’m an Executive Vice President and Managing Director at Hero Digital, spearheading a client-centric organization of cross-discipline experts in strategy, creative, technology, digital marketing & media, and data. With a strong focus on driving revenue for Fortune 500 companies, I lead digital-first consultants dedicated to solving clients' business challenges and building successful client portfolios. I actively contribute to Hero's Global Executive Leadership Team and Women in Leadership Group.


Christie McFall

SVP, Client Partner

I am a unique combination of focus and imagination, leadership and collaboration, classic business acumen and innovative thinking. I enjoy seeing the familiar in unfamiliar ways. From startups to Fortunate 500 companies across industries and organizational cultures, I have challenged conventional thinking to create operational excellence, innovative products and services, new revenue streams, market share, and enterprise value.

Consumers have become accustomed to almost instant gratification and having their needs met quickly and efficiently across their digital platforms.

The Healthcare industry is at a critical juncture, driven by the changing expectations of consumers who are accustomed to seamless, personalized experiences in other sectors.

Healthcare leaders must meet high expectations amid generational disruptions, with trends accelerating toward telehealth and medtech, precision medicine, growing demand for mental health services, and AI-leveraged patient-centric care.

Meeting high expectations in the healthcare industry requires a change in approach. Instead of treating customer experience as one-and-done projects, it’s essential to view it as a dynamic digital product, powered by an interconnected technological ecosystem. It’s an ongoing process of testing, learning, and adapting.

Hospitals, healthcare brands, and digital wellness companies must solve critical problems to elevate the level of care they provide when and where it matters most.

We believe every healthcare interaction must have a human element. We partner with healthcare leaders to elevate the level of care they provide when and where it matters most.

Our vision is for Healthcare experiences that transform what is typically a high-stress interaction into a secure, technologically advanced, and human-centered care journey.

200 %
Increase in online bookings for UNC Health
0 x
Rate increase of customers finding what they need for UNC Health
300 %
Increase in visits to Primary Care experience for Cedars-Sinai
50 %
Increase in traffic from Pediatrics Primary Care for Cedars-Sinai
What our clients are saying
Matt Schwabel
"I’m consistently impressed with Hero Digital’s ability to not only understand where we are currently, but see where the industry is headed and push us forward in a way that will greatly improve the impact we have on the people of North Carolina."
Matthew Schwabel, Executive Director, Marketing Technology & Operations UNC Health
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