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Stop selling products and start guiding outcomes.  Building trust with a tech buyer doesn’t start with your technology, rather it must focus on solving their business problem.  From there, their buying experience must be radically modernized as buyers are increasingly bypassing sales reps and other traditional avenues. 


Resist the internal desire to talk exclusively about tech features. Instead, focus on the end customer benefits. 

Identify the most impactful points of differentiation and communicate them honestly. Tech buyers don’t want romance; they want solutions that’ll make their lives easier.

Respect your customers’ need to be well-informed, and understand the specific challenges they’re facing – whether it’s a need for speed, efficiency, or cost reduction.

Supply fresh, high-quality content to keep buyers engaged and learning. Build campaigns that interpret and react to nuanced buying signals.

Facilitate reassurance. Most tech buyers will tap their professional networks for counsel on high-cost purchases. For lower-risk purchases, they’ll comb technology review sites.

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"The technology brands of the future will lead with empathy – not speeds and feeds. They’ll focus their narrative to simplify a purchase decision that is often stymied by technical details."
Kevin Lazorik SVP, Technology Alliances

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32K+ Landing page visits for Gigamon
1.6M+ Brand video views for Gigamon

"Hero’s thoughtful approach to corporate positioning and strategy and excellent creative is helping us to move the company forward and deliver a whole new experience across all our marketing channels – so we can meet and in some cases exceed our goals."

Heather Alter, Director of Digital Experience, Gigamon

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