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Innovation & Value Strategy

Bryan Dohmen

Senior Director, Strategy

I believe that a well-defined problem is halfway to being solved. As Senior Director of Strategy at Hero Digital, I have a passion for connecting with businesses and teams to explore innovative ways of enhancing customer engagement through superior products and services. I bring a unique perspective to strategic planning and execution and I enjoy navigating complex challenges to drive impactful outcomes. 


Arun Kumar

EVP, Data & AI

I believe organizations need to combine technology at scale with the power of human insight and empathy to develop meaningful, relevant, and experience-based relationships. I have led teams for some of the top agencies in the world including Wunderman Thompson and Publicis Sapient and helped build multi-channel touchpoints and direct-to-consumer strategies for brands like The American Red Cross, Bose, Carnival, Newell Brands, and TD Bank. 

Build genuine trust with tech consumers to realize long-term revenue growth.

Building trust with a tech buyer doesn’t start with your technology. Instead, focus on solving their problems. From there, their buying experience must be simple and allow them to bypass sales reps and other traditional avenues.

As the momentum of the tech industry continues to build, customers expect ease of use and seamless implementation without sacrificing safety or security.

The weight of the data it takes to execute features like customization, information recall, and profile creation increases and many tech companies face the daunting task of
devising systems for storing, managing, and organizing large quantities of first-party data.

People are eager to experience and interact with new and creative means of execution but are unwilling to relinquish their private information. As leaders continue to push the possibilities they must maintain customer trust at all costs.

Increase in online revenue for Comcast

90 %

Increase in retained customers for Comcast

100 %

Brand video views for Gigamon

1 M+

Decrease in publishing time for Zoom

25 %

Decrease in average page load time for Zoom

35 %
What our clients are saying
Alex London Zoom
“It was really important to us that we find partners who can help meet the surging demand for remote and digital collaboration.”
Alex London, Head of Digital at Zoom
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