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Reimagining the digital experience to provide compassionate care

Value Created

A new IA that will better meet consumer expectations and mental models


A redesigned digital, AA-compliant design system


“Find a Doctor” taxonomy leveraged across the entire site


An experience curated to make wellness accessible, wherever people live

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UNC Health / Overview

A consumer-centric and data-backed strategic vision



UNC Health aims to provide compassionate care to everyone in North Carolina, regardless of where they live or how fast their internet is. But their website wasn’t meeting modern patient expectations.


Hero focused on scaling the taxonomy for Find a Doctor, leveraging it across the site. We redesigned their digital brand, creating a thoughtful, AA-compliant, and extensible design system. Every aspect of the experience was purposely curated to bring the UNCH brand to life and make wellness accessible to the people of North Carolina.


Research and Insights
Experience Strategy
Digital Business Strategy
Technology Platform Planning
Experience Design and Build
Innovation Strategy
Content Management
Content Strategy and Creation

Our Impact
Increase in online bookings
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Increase in provider profile view rate
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Rate increase of customers finding what they need
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Decline in homepage bounce rate
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What Our Clients Are Saying
“I’m consistently impressed with Hero Digital’s ability to not only understand where we are currently, but see where the industry is headed and push us forward in a way that will greatly improve the impact we have on the people of North Carolina.”
Matthew Schwabel
Executive Director, Marketing Technology & Operations Unc Health
Explore the Details

A redesigned digital brand

Hero created a thoughtful, AA-compliant, and extensible design system. Included in this system are micro animations that inject brand personality and moments of joy into and throughout the entire experience.

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