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Unlock the power of AI to positively impact customer experience, operational efficiency, and business management.

Artificial intelligence creates major growth opportunities across all industries. AI, however, isn’t a switch you can flip. You must implement the right technology, data, and culture to maximize the value of your AI investments.

We invite you to take a strategic approach to AI that prioritizes increased cost efficiencies, improved customer experiences, better decision-making, and high ethical standards. Review our current AI offerings below.

  • AI Strategy and Roadmap: Identify clear use cases for AI, diving deep into your current data, technology, and process to help understand gaps and build a roadmap for successful AI deployment.
  • Partner AI Capability Enablement: Realize the full power of your partner technology investments by enabling embedded AI capabilities with tools such as Adobe Target and Marketo, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Optimizely Experimentation, and Adobe Sensei GenAI.
  • Custom AI Enablement: Enhance service quality and customer engagement, and develop new GTM approaches by deploying AI  models trained on your internal data.

Our Work

Unlocked AI-driven efficiency by analyzing three years of call center data to slash call volume.

Developed an innovative banker insight extraction methodology with AI text summarization, rapidly distilling key sentiments from internal surveys.

Crafted bespoke user experiences by using a custom machine learning model on client VOC data, collaborating with the strategy team for tailored messaging per segment.

Forecasted potential revenue loss due to shopping cart abandonment, using a proprietary machine learning model, and identified opportunities for UX improvements.

Delivering business value with AI

42% Member experience conversion rate for Gelesis
10x Faster time to analysis for a large consumer bank’s quarterly customer survey

“Hero has the right balance of strategy and tactical execution...delivering a mature program that, frankly, we don’t deserve to have yet.”

Lance Tyler, SVP MARKETING, Gelesis

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"AI isn’t a switch that can be flipped. It’s not something you can purchase off the shelf and turn on. There’s a learning curve that requires many inputs and training."
Arun Kumar EVP, Data & AI
Chris Boyle Sr. Director, Data & AI

Modern AI Services

  • AI Readiness
  • AI Marketing Experimentation

  • AI Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service Automation

  • Gen AI-powered Content Generation
  • Segmentation and Predictive Analytics

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