Drive predictable growth by identifying valuable audience and market opportunities through new business models and technology innovation.


Digital Transformation Playbook

How to make your digital transformation matter.
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“Meaningful digital transformation starts with understanding the people on the other side of the screen.”

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Innovation & Value Strategy

Bryan Dohmen

Senior Director, Strategy

I believe that a well-defined problem is halfway to being solved. As Senior Director of Strategy at Hero Digital, I have a passion for connecting with businesses and teams to explore innovative ways of enhancing customer engagement through superior products and services. I bring a unique perspective to strategic planning and execution and I enjoy navigating complex challenges to drive impactful outcomes. 

Get more out of your digital investments. Our innovation and value strategy offerings spot business opportunities and set you on the right path to grow into the future.


Audience Opportunity Identification and Sizing

Define the right path to customer and business value creation through factors such as demographics, psychographics, values, needs, and behavior. Then prioritize each factor for maximum return.


Product and Service Innovation

Modernize existing products and services or expand into adjacent markets. Develop a transformation roadmap to make your vision a reality.


Strategic Transformation

Define your vision—whether that is a new north star to rally around or a repositioning of your brand—to help you build momentum toward greater capabilities and growth.

Our Impact
ROI projected over the next 3 years for Blackhawk Network
4 x
Member experience conversion rate for Gelesis
0 %
Member experience conversion rate for Gelesis
0 %
“We chose Hero because they took the time to truly understand us and provide ideas and solutions that fit with our culture and vision. That approach allowed us to move faster and feel more confident implementing major changes to our business. Hero’s approach led us to challenge our thinking and put us on the path to a bright digital future.”
Rick Sems, EVP Retail and Client Experience at First Bank
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