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Staying connected – with no strings attached

When Comcast discovered that a large contingent of customers preferred contract-free commitments, they needed a simple, transparent and flexible prepaid customer experience that gave people a sense of control and freedom.

A sense-and-respond approach

Our priority was to anticipate and eliminate all barriers to becoming an Xfinity Prepaid customer—and make it delightfully easy for people to manage their balances.

  • To create a delightful experience, we first needed to understand how customers behave across channels, so we ran advanced analytics that ultimately helped us continually optimize the experience for unique audiences.
  • We also used real-time reporting to further improve the customer experience, product recommendations, and promotions. 
  • These detailed insights helped us refine Xfinity Prepaid’s acquisition strategy and refill experiences to better drive conversion.
  • We moved quickly with rapid cycle optimizations, including A/B testing on CTAs and imagery. We also ran page-pathing analyses and product-led content testing to ensure the most relevant, effective experience for customers.
Scrolling interface for Comcast's Xfinity Prepaid website


By understanding and anticipating customers’ needs, we created a seamless, intuitive payment platform that gave people the exceptional service they demanded – and the control they craved.

+114% increase in Xfinity revenue
+18% increase in online sales
+130% increase in online refills
+8% increase in retention rate

Truth is the customer reality.
Beauty is in the brand response.