Comcast Xfinity

Unlocking growth in a new market segment


People hate limitations.


A flexible payment system that won't lock you in.

The Situation

Over one-third of Comcast Xfinity’s service area prefers a contract-free commitment. Without this option, Comcast Xfinity was leaving behind considerable growth potential. They needed to build a pre-paid product and ownable experience that would bring new customers to the brand and scale—adding long term value to the company and customers.

What We Did

  • Business consulting for pre-paid product development and launch
  • Journey design and engineering to create an owned digital experience
  • Content and campaign creation for unified digital and physical experiences across web, stores, and the Comcast mobile app
  • Enabled a simple account management experience that eliminates barriers to refill
  • Created a unified view of the customer by merging site data, transaction data, and customer service feedback
  • Rapid cycles of performance analysis, optimization testing, and deployment to drive incremental conversion increases on a weekly cadence
  • Built robust acquisition and retention campaigns to drive impact


  • Experience Strategy
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Data and Insights
  • Content Strategy and Creation

Our Impact

+122% Online products sold
+76% Online refill count
+102% Online revenue
+112% Retained customers

Connecting the physical to digital

A digitally-enabled in-store purchase experience was designed and developed for Xfinity Prepaid. The first-of-its-kind experience was built to meet core customers where they shop, grow sales channels, eliminate friction at point-of-sale, and minimize the need for sales team training.