How Accurate Product Information Drives Sales


To understand the scope of these challenges and what B2B businesses can learn from them, we’ve surveyed buyers across industries to hear their biggest purchasing obstacles.. 

B2B buyers’ pain points with current supplier operations and digital solutions take a heavy toll on their ability to effectively research products: 99% of buyers faced at least one challenge when researching products for their business. In particular, buyers struggle with:

These pain points are consistent with concerns buyers expressed in 2022, underscoring the need for better product and pricing information — and the lack of progress made in this area so far. To make an informed, financially responsible purchasing decisions, B2B buyers need to be able to easily find comprehensive, accurate product data. Their top research challenges also exacerbate the time and money spent throughout the buying process, before a purchase is even made.

Fortunately for suppliers, improving product data is low-hanging fruit. By investing in a solution like product information management (PIM), suppliers can leverage AI to automate (and optimize) pricing and content updates across channels to ensure accuracy and consistency. They can also use AI to optimize SEO for meta description writing so buyers can more easily find the right products.

The result? Reduced friction, boosted research efficiency, and happy buyers.

Learn how a PIM solution like Salsify can help businesses increase sales throughout their various channels by providing reliable product information all the time. Connect with one of our experts to discover how Hero Digital can help you serve people with improved product experiences.

As a distinguished Salsify Platinum Partner and recipient of the 2023 Product Evangelist Award, Hero Digital provides quickstart solutions and connectors to drive business efficiency and create value at every touchpoint.

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