B2B Buyer Report 2023

Discover the customer experience priorities of today’s B2B buyers to meet complex demands, high digital expectations, and strict budgets.

Hero Digital is proud to publish our annual B2B Buyer Report. This comprehensive report highlights key customer experience priorities of today’s business buyers and how these priorities have changed over time and across business sectors.

Simply going digital won’t cut it anymore. Faced with economic uncertainty, inflation, and increased interest rates, today’s B2B buyers have complex demands, high digital expectations, and strict budgets. A deep understanding of your prospects’, customers’, and clients’ unique needs is critical to success.

Decision-makers are rethinking their external partnerships as well as their own internal operations. While many B2B companies have evolved their digital capabilities to match rising expectations, they can’t stop there.

Organizations must continue to optimize their technology to attract and retain buyers.

Shifts in B2B Buyer Behavior

In today’s volatile economy, B2B buyers need to do more with less. They’re reevaluating their external partnerships to ensure investments deliver the expected value. And they will only work with organizations that provide a seamless digital customer experience.

Building on years of research, Hero Digital’s B2B Buyer Report gives you the insights you need to prioritize customer experience initiatives that will drive business growth across the customer journey.

Download the full report to drive business efficiency and create value at every touchpoint.

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