Data Cloud Demystified

Build the ever-elusive 360° view of your customers by using Salesforce Data Cloud to its full potential.


Discover the secrets of Data Cloud.

You’re drowning in data, but everything is disparate. Your data is stored in multiple places so you can’t easily segment and activate data for relevant personalization. You want to unify your data and make it actionable–and AI-ready. It’s hard to automate and scale, and you don’t want to spend millions of dollars.

Enter Data Cloud, the next evolution beyond the Customer Data Platform (CDP). By combining CDP-like functionality with Salesforce’s cross-cloud shared data model across multiple data domains, Salesforce Data Cloud gives a 360° view of your customer and makes data actionable across multiple channels.

Data Cloud marks Salesforce’s expansion into AI-powered communication throughout the customer lifecycle, with a focus on combining AI and data to tailor experiences and drive growth. With Data Cloud, you can also pull data from non-customer data domains like product and order data.

Before investing, it’s crucial to understand what makes Data Cloud so powerful and how to harness its power to build real business value. Read this report to understand Data Cloud’s benefits, prepare your business properly, and get the most value from Salesforce’s new AI capabilities.

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