Accelerate Go-to-Market with AI


When will this campaign launch? You’ve heard it a thousand times. Getting campaigns off the ground always takes longer than we’d like. And with every day that passes, you’re missing out on opportunities. 

New generative AI tools promise to solve this problem, accelerating go-to-market by streamlining creative and operational processes. The key is identifying where friction exists and using AI to remove it.

At Hero, we’re working closely with business leaders to develop new processes that empower them to use AI to move faster. Let’s explore some examples of how we’ve accelerated go-to-market with AI.

GenAI-Powered Campaigns

Recently, we were asked to create two campaign concepts, including two rounds of revisions, for a B2B food services company. The campaign concepts needed to include a landing page, a website component, email designs, digital display and social ads, and educational video storyboards.

To accelerate concepting and asset production, we used Adobe Firefly—a generative machine learning model for design. Our approach included:

Discovery and Strategy:

  • We conducted initial consultations to understand goals and target audience and developed a tailored campaign strategy.

Creative Development:

  • We used Adobe Firefly AI tools to create high-impact visuals and content and collaborated with our creative team to develop innovative campaign concepts.


  • We implemented email campaigns, ensuring timely execution and monitoring initial performance.

As a result, we experienced rapid campaign deployment, precise targeting and personalized content, increased engagement and conversion rates, data-driven optimization for continuous improvement, and measurable business outcomes.

AI-Powered Video Enhancements

A company that provides B2B insurance solutions developed scripts for a series of videos to help educate operators on the claims process for policyholders. They wanted to bring their videos to life and elevate the effectiveness of the communication. 

At first, they handed us pre-approved scripts and preliminary storyboards. Our creative team reviewed ways to enhance the scripts and storyboards and identified places where the information could be easier to understand.

The structure of the videos required viewers to read on-screen text to follow the information. It was not accessible to people with visual impairments. This meant we needed to add voice overs (VOs). To move quickly and not break the bank, we used ElevenLabs’ Generative Voice AI.

Our process was: 

  • Write a script
  • Record VO by an internal employee with an understanding of intonation and cadence
  • Edit takes
  • Upload and Convert to any voice in the ElevenLabs system
  • Receive VO approval
  • Re-record parts of the VO and upload to ElevenLabs as needed 

The interface for Eleven Labs’s AI audio is intuitive, yet the quality of the product is based on a few factors. 

To utilize the AI, we recorded a take of the script to guide the AI on the intonation and cadence of speech. The quality of the export files can be affected by the quality of the read provided to educate the AI. When not providing pre-recorded VOs, the text-to-speech option may provide VOs without training. Results can vary and it’s not easy to adjust intonation or cadence. At default, the text-to-speech tool may provide a flat, or robotic speaking pattern.

In addition, audio artifacts are sometimes created in the process that require multiple takes to resolve, and may require re-recording VO to train the model.

Despite these factors, many use cases arose. 

Imagine a global campaign that needs VO in multiple languages. In the past, this was a monumental undertaking, requiring multiple translators, VO artists, and QA specialists.

With AI you can speed up this process and reduce cost significantly. You will still need QA who are fluent in each language to ensure that the words are not garbled and that the grammar makes sense. 

Increasing accessibility is another great case. Adding VOs helps visually impaired people who can’t read information on the screen, people who prefer receiving information through audio, and people with learning disabilities.

Personalized content, VO for video content on social media, and agile production needs like expedited timelines and limited budgets are also great cases for AI voice overs.

GenAI Content Enhancement

Like any emerging technology, it’s important to clearly understand the benefits and risks of generative AI before diving in head first.

We help business leaders navigate the complicated ethical, legal, and brand safety challenges of AI.

Our Generative AI SWOT Analysis helps organizations accelerate go-to-market for their content strategy by understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats they face in implementing AI.

Our SWOT Analysis can help identify:

  • Any proprietary customer data or brand insights that can help fine-tune your digital content process
  • The right technology stack to generate content safely, securely, and on-brand.
  • The specific content types or channels that are best positioned to see positive ROI
  • The latest legal regulations and risks associated with copyright law and training Large Language Models

We hope this article inspires you to use AI to solve your business problems. Don’t go it alone. Work with Hero Digital to accelerate go-to-market with generative AI.

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