Hero Digital launches Hero CommerceConnect, a complete experience-led eCommerce solution


Hero Digital, a leading full-service customer experience company, today announced the launch of its total commerce solution, Hero CommerceConnect. The new solution will expand Hero Digital’s CX solution portfolio and enables Hero Digital to craft the buyer journey for its clients from initial engagement through acquisition, transaction and loyalty. 

Hero CommerceConnect is an experience-led solution created for the connected era of B2C and B2B buying. Hero brings strategic clarity, creative inspiration, data analytics, and deep technical expertise to help brands, retailers, and manufacturers implement best-of-breed commerce solutions across the entire buyer journey and all digital commerce channels, including online retailers, DTC, and social platforms.

“This rollout uniquely positions Hero Digital as an industry leader in delivering complete end-to-end eCommerce solutions for the mid-market,” said David Kilimnik, CEO of Hero Digital. “In a world where digital acceleration continues to shorten the distance between browse, buy and share, Hero CommerceConnect is a purpose-built solution for a future that is optimized for a customer centric ecosystem of personalized buying moments.”

The announcement of this new solution comes at a time of rapid growth for Hero Digital and for the industry as a whole, with $4.6 billion of eCommerce services revenue growth expected in the next three years, according to Grandview Research. With so much industry growth, this solution expansion positions Hero Digital to be a leader in the industry for years to come.

Hero Digital’s release of this solution closely follows the company obtaining status as one of eight companies in the world with the combination of Adobe Platinum Solution Partner and Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) Gold Solution Partner statuses.

“The announcement of Hero CommerceConnect is an important step in the right direction for the market’s needs,” said Tony Sanders, Senior Director of Americas Partners Sales for Adobe. “Few service providers understand how to harness commerce and content together in order to drive transformational growth for brands, and Hero Digital has positioned itself to be an industry leader that truly understands these principles.”

To hear more about how Hero CommerceConnect will benefit your eCommerce plans, please get in touch with us.

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