“MacGyvering Data” and how businesses can make the most of the data they have

As part of this month’s “Heard on the Street” round-up column, insideBIGDATA connected with Arun Kumar, EVP of Data & Insights at Hero Digital, for his take on how businesses can make the most of the data they have, regardless of budget. Read Arun’s insightful commentary below on what he calls “MacGyvering Data.”

Throughout my career, I have seen data and insights inform the right actions that drive business growth. However, I have also worked with companies at many different stages in their data journeys. Not all companies have a robust set of data to use, so I have learned to get creative by ‘MacGyvering Data.’

In an ideal world, we would all like to have unfettered access to customer data that is accurate, timely and available in the desired formats ready for analysis and consumption. But the real world is far from that.

Data is messy, incomplete and oftentimes missing. Which is where we need to get creative.

Our approach is to work with data our clients already have, and to build a test and learn approach around it. Rapidly deploy insights from sparse data, understand early signals, and deploy the next set of actions. All this requires a nimble approach which utilizes the ability to listen to signals from the data quickly and the courage to act on those early signals.

While we would all like to wait for perfect data, this approach leads to iterative improvements that over time, lead to significant business gains. 

Work with the data you have. Build on it. Learn from it. Action it. And in that process, gather more of it.

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