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Leveraging identity resolution and machine learning to surface actionable customer insights that inform the right actions across the multi-channel journey to drive business growth.

Never before have brands had access to so much data about their customers’ sentiments, desires and behaviors. Yet never before has the data been so siloed, disconnected and inaccessible. In the race to win customer spend and loyalty, brands must be able to recognize their most valued customers, and respond with personalized and seamless brand interactions — or risk rapidly losing to their competitors. 

The winners will be those brands that have the best understanding of their own customers — those who can develop a rich and dimensionalized identity for every customer. Hero Customer Intelligence allows brands to know what a customer wants, and where they are in a defined buyer journey.  We take a modern approach — not using surveys or assumptions, but using real customer data, identity resolution, and machine learning to generate powerful insights across all consumer interactions — web, mobile, in store, email, digital ads, contact centers and beyond — to deliver value for people and business.

  • Human Insights, Machine Powered: Effective analyses are about keeping human biases to a minimum and letting the data do the talking. Our custom approach minimizes the use of assumptions and lets our advanced ML algorithms surface what truly matters.
  • Identity Resolution: Customer information is fragmented, siloed, and incomplete. We created a unified ID management framework to solve that issue by taking all the disparate identifiers of an individual that may exist on multiple platforms, devices, and channels and attaching them to one unified customer record.
  • Action First and Last: An insight that does not lead to action is an insight wasted. We ensure everything we learn ties back to concrete actions that drive measurable business success.
  • Full Lifecycle Execution: Customers behave differently across different stages of the journey – our algorithms account for that and provide you the intelligence to execute the ‘next best action’ at every stage.
  • Evolutionary and Revolutionary: We understand that customers and journeys evolve. Therefore, our algorithms evolve to keep pace. Our scalable approach allows us to rapidly deploy learnings from multiple clients to your specific problem, without the expensive upfront learning involved in building a model from scratch.

Our Work

Leveraging behavioral and customer data to reimagine the user journey. Drove improved retention, growth of new customer base, and increased total revenue.

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Partnering with the Digital Experience team to drive superior customer experience through the entire purchase and re-purchase journey. Drove significant increases in lead volume and conversion rates.

Implementing a full data layer across the entire customer journey, providing a complete view of the application experience for Deposit and Home Loan products.

Tracking and optimizing the end-to-end member experience journey through the use of Customer Segmentation, VOC surveys and behavioral data to drive enhanced retention for a new product launch.

Developing a data strategy to measure the impact of key marketing messages across all channels and support ongoing optimizations across the website and media efforts.

Leading B2C and B2B brands claim significant results.

170% Increase in lead volume and 49% lift in conversion rates YoY for Amerigas
69% Increase in online application conversion rate with consumer mortgage products on Paid Search for Bank of Hawaii

“It’s vital to have a partner like Hero who will work with you to imagine omnichannel ideas that pull through the big north star to connect digital experiences, media, and marketing moments.”

Ruth Erickson, Chief Marketing Officer, Bank of Hawaii

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"Consumers today expect a seamless experience across all stages of their journey. Smart use of data, in a privacy secure fashion is the key to unlocking consumer delight and business growth. We live for that.”
Arun Kumar EVP, Data & Insights
Raphael Lopez VP, Data & Insights

Data & Insights Services

Digital Invention

  • Data Discovery and Audit
  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Martech Stack Audit
  • Measurement Planning

Experience Transformation

  • Audience Research and Strategy
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Customer Journey Analysis and Optimization
  • Content Strategy

Performance Marketing

  • Content Testing
  • Personalization Approach
  • Lead Scoring and Analysis
  • Conversation Rate Optimization
  • Reporting and Insights

Premium Partners in Data

Platinum Solution Partner

As a Platinum Solution Partner and with certified experts in both Target and Analytics, we bring the full power of the Adobe stack to our clients.

Solution Partner

Our partnership with Snowflake, the industry leading data cloud platform and data management solution, allows us to deliver the power of machine learning insights to our clients, with speed, at scale

Solution Partner

In partnership with FullContact we bring an industry first ID management solution to the market. Identify as many as 60% of first-time visitors to your site, and personalize their experience.

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