Consumer Goods Truth & Beauty Index

Consumer Goods Report

Hero Digital is proud to announce the Consumer Goods Truth & Beauty Index. This customer experience study is designed to accelerate digital transformation for consumer goods businesses by uncovering what matters most to the next generation of customers.

Once in a lifetime generational changes, compounded by a global pandemic, are accelerating digital transformation at a historic rate. Digital services like Click and Collect and Home Delivery are now the default touchpoint for consumer goods businesses and omnichannel customer experiences impact brand loyalty for Generation Z.

Consumer goods companies, sitting at the front lines between people and products, must meet new expectations with digital experiences that matter to the next generation of customers. The factors that influenced behavior in the past won’t work today. To succeed, companies must connect with the next wave of consumers on a human level.

The Consumer Goods Truth & Beauty Index uncovers what matters most to people based on their generation and specific consumer categories. ​​Using Hero Digital’s proprietary framework, you’re able to see the hidden attributes that drive both brand choice and brand advocacy, so that you can place today’s consumers at the center of your digital strategy. 

The report highlights important takeaways from four generations—Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer—and three industry sub-sectors—Grocery, Apparel, and Mass Merchandise. Each generation and industry has unique customer experience priorities, defined by what consumers say is important when choosing a brand and what people feel is important when recommending a brand.  

What drives brand advocacy for:  

  • Gen Z consumers value quality products, reasonable prices, and a style that speaks to them.
  • Millennials value easy shopping experiences, outstanding customer service, and relevant product selection.
  • Gen X consumers value trust and in-person interactions. 
  • Boomers value continual improvement and a solid selection of unique products. 

What drives consumer choice:

  • Easy shopping experiences drive choice for Grocery consumers.
  • Fitting their personal style is the way to influence Apparel consumers. 
  • A convenient location and reasonable prices are essential for Mass Merchandise consumers.

The Consumer Goods Truth & Beauty Index measured the performance of 22 consumer goods brands against the industry average to understand how different companies stack up against the competition.

Some brands stand above the pack. For example: 

  • Stitch Fix, a leading consumer goods brand, ranked higher on 86% of attributes. 

Hero Digital’s inaugural Truth & Beauty Index surveyed 3,000+ people across 52 brands in consumer goods, financial services, wellness, and healthcare. The index’s framework identifies the attributes that are most likely to drive both customer choice and brand advocacy while providing a framework for successful digital transformation.

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