Introducing the Truth & Beauty Index: Unlock the secrets of digital transformation

Customer experience study accelerates digital transformation by uncovering what matters most to customers in 2021.

Hero Digital is proud to announce the Truth & Beauty Index. This inaugural business report provides key industry and audience benchmarks to drive focus when making critical digital transformation decisions.

What matters most to your customers isn’t always easy to know. Experts believe up to 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious. And what people say is important when making a choice is often different than how they feel when recommending a brand. 

Understanding the customer experience attributes that influence subconscious behavior empowers you to connect with your customers where it matters most.

The Truth & Beauty Index lets you discover what matters most to your customers.

We surveyed 3,000+ people across 52 brands in consumer goods, financial services, wellness, and healthcare. Our advanced framework uncovers the hidden attributes that drive both brand choice and brand advocacy so that you can place your customer at the center of your digital transformation strategy.

By zeroing in on ten core truths that influence customer behavior, the Truth & Beauty Index allows you to easily see how you stack up against your industry average. It also highlights examples of companies that stand above the competition in their digital transformation efforts, along with an analysis of the steps they’ve taken to meet core customer truths. 

Take actions that enhance your customers’ lives and build lasting value by viewing your business through a human lens.

Customer Truths

Key takeaways…

  • In consumer goods, product selection and availability are key drivers of choice and advocacy. Emotional attributes—like a fun shopping experience and strong values—also stood out as key differentiators
  • Financial services customers expect a clear experience that protects their personal data.
  • For wellness brands—including fitness and nutrition companies—customers expect quality, with brand stature standing out as significant.
  • Healthcare customers value ease, quality, and understanding for both digital and in-person care.

We measured the performance of 52 leading brands against the industry average to understand how different brands stack up against the competition.

Some brands stand above the pack…

  • Stitch Fix, a leading consumer goods brand, ranked higher on 86% of attributes. 
  • Betterment, a financial services app, indexed above the industry average for confidence, empowerment, and pride.
  • The Apple Watch scored well for value and ethical business practices.

This is the first of many versions of the Truth & Beauty Index. Watch out for specific industry reports in the future months providing key insights specifically for each vertical, including demographic and age-related data.

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