Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing

Online pharmacy’s eCommerce response to health crises achieves 327% YoY growth


During the COVID-19 public health crisis and nationwide restrictions on gatherings, demand for sanitizing products surged to three times normal levels.


Assisting in the largest economic recovery by embracing a digital commerce direct-to-consumer experience providing real-time visibility into inventory availability, dynamic pricing and secure ordering.

The Situation

Founded in 1971, Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing is one of the largest privately-owned manufacturers of chemicals and laboratory products in the United States.

The unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis forced millions around the world into lockdown, shutting down businesses and driving whole economies into recession. Direct access to sanitizing products of all sorts were mission-critical to the reopening of workplaces and community spaces to enable economies to begin their recovery.

Spectrum Chemical embraced digital commerce to rapidly respond to the surge in demand for sanitizing products, scaling their ability to provide real-time visibility into inventory availability, dynamic pricing, and secure ordering.

What we did

  • Migrated to Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento 2) to deliver a modern front-end user experience that facilitates self-service content management
  • Enabled high-volume product data imports, allowing Spectrum to keep catalogs up-to-date so that critical, lifesaving products can be delivered to customers when promised
  • Utilized Magento Commerce native APIs to connect to Oracle EBS ERP and SLI Systems search to facilitate real time pricing and inventory data flow
  • Implemented a Magento 2 Commerce B2B Module
  • Built custom PDP Logic to format data on mobile and tablet screens
  • Implemented a customized promotions engine that facilitates complex price and shipping logic in coordination with Oracle EBS


  • Content Creation
  • eCommerce
  • Analytics
  • Integration


+327% Increase in online sales YoY