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Powering the modern global workforce with a reimagined, data-driven, customer experience

Value Created

A new digital foundation with a focus on Enterprise growth


A digital ecosystem that can support a global enterprise business


An experience that can be continually improved based on Optimizely’s test-and-learn approach

Zoom / Overview

Explosive growth meets limited room for growth



Zoom experienced explosive growth during the pandemic. Across the globe,
people needed to connect in new ways, and Zoom allowed them to transcend
the limitations of distance.

Growth also came with business pain. Seemingly overnight, Zoom’s technology infrastructure became a shadow of what they needed. They scrambled to add new products, services, and updates while also trying to extend their digital presence piecemeal for short-term survival.

This unique combination of challenge and opportunity was the turning point
for Zoom’s business transformation. Zoom aimed to emerge as a leader in
the UCAAS (Unified Communications as a Service) marketplace.



Zoom underwent a total digital transformation, revamping its technology,
customer data, and customer experience.

By partnering with Hero Digital and Optimizely, Zoom reimagined its complete customer experience and upgraded to a best-in-class technology platform that combines AI-accelerated workflows with experiment-driven digital experiences.

As a result, Zoom moved from loosely enforced brand standards
to a scalable design system. They went from a multi-day publishing process
to hitting the market in just minutes. They changed from a static experience to experimentation-fueled optimization. And ultimately, they made the important transition from lost users to laser-focused leads.


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What Our Clients Are Saying
“We needed partners who could move at the speed of Zoom.”
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Alex London
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Continuously Improving

This immediate value is just the beginning. With the support of Hero and Optimizely, Zoom will continue to mature as a learning organization through experimentation, optimize the cross-sell journey, localize experiences using AI, create and version photography with generative AI, and take any voice and make it fluent in dozens of languages.

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