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Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

Creating a truly patient-first experience

Simply put, accessibility is good for people – and good for business.

Going beyond WCAG

When Spaulding Rehabilitation came to us to help transform their digital presence, we created a patient-first experience that feels inclusive, informative, and effortless – regardless of ability.

We expanded Spaulding Rehabilitation’s color palette for a fully accessible experience.

We enabled assistive technology by explicitly associating table cells with their headers.

Using WAI-ARIA specifications for every page element, we resolved differences across devices.

To help non-sighted visitors efficiently scan a page for information, we used WAI-ARIA to provide proper roles and names for each type of navigation, search box, and page section.

Partnering with Perkins Access, we conducted testing with actual patients – helping us solve real pain points and usability issues.

Scrolling image of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network's homepage


One Spaulding patient said, “I use my phone for most of my online needs and navigate using my thumb, which doesn’t work on most sites…having a website that’s easy for me to access is incredible.”

+43.5% increase in engagement in Find-a-Location
+17.8% increase in engagement in Find-a-Doctor
+25.4% increase in engagement in Find-a-Service
Win Best Site Design, eHealthcare Leadership Awards
All of us who were part of this look forward to sharing what we learned, and to others following the path we’ve shown. Because at the end of the day, millions of people with a disability want to participate in our economy and workforce. Accessibility is simply just good business.
Oz Mondejar, SVP, Mission and Advocacy

Truth is the customer reality.
Beauty is in the brand response.