Salesforce: Sharing Dreamforce
with 10 million site visitors

The Work

Salesforce came to Hero during a time of need — the company was working toward migrating its website to Adobe Experience Manager, and also preparing for Dreamforce, the largest software conference on earth.

  • Adobe AEM
  • Livestream
  • Video Library
  • Information Architecture
  • UX
  • Development
  • Documentation & Training
  • Ongoing engineering

The Impact

  • 100,000 concurrent requests
  • 10,000,000 site visitors
  • 0 down time

The Details

Salesforce brought in Hero’s senior engineering and consulting team to guide the overall content migration effort, and also to launch a live streaming site in time for Dreamforce. The rich media from Dreamforce is critical for engaging an enormous user audience who attends the conference virtually from their homes and offices throughout the world.

In order to build the live streaming “companion experience” to the physical tradeshow, we applied new information architecture enabling categorization and tagging of nearly 2,000 pieces of media, along with the archive of more than 5,000 evergreen videos. We categorized each piece of content by Activity, Track, Theme, Industry, Product, and Role. We then built a user interface for content discovery, allowing users to browse and search for content based on these data dimensions. Because of the globally distributed user base and the massive concurrency during the week of Dreamforce, we developed a multi-layer caching system using the native caching within AEM as well as the CDN used by Salesforce and its video provider, Vidyard.