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*Designs are conceptual and not final.




Paceline is disrupting wellness by combining physical health with financial rewards. With Paceline, it literally pays to be active. As the fintech startup sought to expand their existing rewards ecosystem to include a credit card product, they needed a strategy to seamlessly integrate it into their existing offering.


  • Developed conceptual models for the credit card incentives and rewards program
  • Led UX/UI design strategy for physical and digital credit card offerings, application, and management
  • Redesigned the digital experience to incorporate the credit card into the existing Paceline app and integrate with all its health-related features
  • Worked side-by-side with Railsbank Credit Card as a Service (CCaas), who is enabling the infrastructure of the new offering
  • Accelerated the next generation of the Paceline experience—from vision, persona research, and ideation to market-ready in weeks, not months


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Experience Design

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App design screens
What Our Clients Are Saying
“We appreciate the collaboration and all the amazing work Hero has delivered in such a short period of time. The team brought such thoughtful and innovative design ideas to the table, giving us so much to work with, shoot for, and aspire to.”
Joel Lieginger
Founder and CEO
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App design screens
*Designs are conceptual and not final.
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