Gelesis: Plenity

Inspiring sustainable weight management with a digital customer experience backed by behavioral science


Gelesis: Plenity



When Gelesis launched Plenity®, a weight management product backed by behavioral science, they needed a partner to create a digital ecosystem that offered support, education, and community.

Plenity capsules are inspired by naturally-derived ingredients. They help you feel fuller, eat less, and lose weight. But, for Plenity to work as effectively as possible, members need to stick to a regimen of three capsules taken twice daily.

Gelesis partnered with Hero Digital to create a digital member experience that inspires program commitment, while also empowering members to live healthier lives.


The Plenity brand was established with a comprehensive digital approach, informed by primary research into audience segments and customer journeys. A dynamic digital member experience was crafted, integrating educational content, adherence tools, and health partners based on behavioral science principles. Additionally, a robust voice of the customer program was implemented, utilizing various methods to continually enhance member support. The management also oversaw the launch and operation of Plenity’s private Facebook community while ensuring compliance with medical, legal, regulatory, and business standards across all customer experience assets.


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“Hero has the right balance of strategy and tactical execution...delivering a mature program that, frankly, we don’t deserve to have yet.”
Lance Tyler
SVP Marketing
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Informed by science, enriched by the customer’s voice

Hero Digital consulted with behavioral design expert Nir Eyal to design an experience that encourages adherence-building behaviors. Our internal team also included a behavioral health specialist, who helped guide the development of all content. To provide members with personalized support, we layered Voice of the Customer data (Qualtrics) into our segmentation models.

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