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When buying a home, people want brands to authentically care—to align with their values, help them with decisions, and make them feel heard and understood.


Mortgage companies with stellar personalization strategies achieve improved marketing efficiency, higher digital sales, and long-lasting customer relationships.

The Situation

Getting a mortgage, especially for a home purchase, can be an overwhelming process. A personalized digital experience takes the burden out of the mortgage process and helps customers create lasting connections with loan officers.

Academy Mortgage partnered with Hero Digital to reimagine its entire marketing ecosystem, from its website to all aspects of the brand at the same time, ensuring consistency across every touchpoint.

Keys to the success included: 


The website experience must be tailored to the visitor, showing them the right content at the right time. 

Loan Officer-Focused

Strengthening the relationship between Loan Officers and homebuyers at every opportunity is paramount.


The new website experience should showcase how Loan Officers make an impact in their community.

What We Did

  • Built a dynamic website, using Acquia’s Drupal platform, that evolves to support homebuyer needs. With each click, we learn more about our customer’s needs. The new website evolves to provide customers with the most relevant content at just the right time.
  • Marketing ecosystem: we created templates to help loan officers write their own content. They can show their expertise, comment on the latest industry trends, and highlight all the work they and their team are doing in the community.
  • Every Academy Mortgage Loan Officer has their own website, powered by data-driven personalization, a library of great educational content and tools, and the ability to create custom content, to fit each Loan Officer’s unique needs.
  • Developed a constantly growing library of content that provides a quick and compelling way to create social posts that generate extra traffic to specific websites, and also position them as the go-to expert in their community.
  • Digital tools support clients and Loan Officers: Academy Mortgage’s new website brings together the latest and greatest digital features, creating an ecosystem focused on delivering value for our clients and our Loan Officers.
  • The new website features “team sites,” specifically built to support Loan Officer teams—all of the great features of the corporate and Loan Officer sites, plus the ability to introduce and support each one of your teammates.


  • Research and Insights
  • User Experience
  • Software Development
  • Personalization
  • Experience Design and Build
  • CDP Integration
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Data and Insights

“We worked very closely with Hero Digital on going from a static website to a true web ecosystem, capable of handling the dynamic needs of our customer and user base. Through our partnership with Hero Digital, their talented team members, and their understanding and dedication to our vision, Academy Mortgage was able to launch the beginnings of a user-experience-focused digital experience platform that will provide scalable digital velocity for years to come.”

Colby Jenson
Marketing Director - Digital

Our Impact

Scalable website experience for all Loan Officers
Improved persona-based user journeys for educational material
Personalized call to action 1:1 for simplified user experience
Framework for improvement based on objective KPIs from the data layer

Getting to the Heart of what Makes Academy Mortgage Unique

Academy Mortgage’s website now shares rich and engaging stories of social impact, demonstrating Academy Mortgage’s commitment to communities close to home and around the world.