Preparing for Healthcare’s Next Act: A guide to shaping the customer experience


Healthcare feels like it’s been on the verge of transformation for years, if not decades. Unlike retail, tech, or even financial services, things move slowly in a complex, high-stakes industry whose only product is our health and wellbeing.

In a matter of months, COVID-19 changed all of that. The pandemic broke down longstanding barriers and accelerated digital health at a pace few could have imagined. It forced providers to rely almost entirely on digital channels for care delivery. It pushed consumers to do the same, with most welcoming the breakthrough and wondering why it had taken so long.

Even as people trickle back in for visits and procedures, it’s clear there’s no going back to care-as-usual.

As Hero Digital research shows, most people like the convenience and flexibility of telehealth. They like the feeling of liberation and empowerment that comes from self-managing a condition remotely. The future of care they’ve glimpsed is not just convenient and virtual-first, but designed around them and their needs.

At Hero Digital, we see three macro-trends powering this movement, trends that are shaping the customer experience not just in healthcare but across every industry:

1. Design for human success

To meet your patients where they are — and win their loyalty — re-evaluate what success in the new normal means for them, and re-design the customer experience around it.

Customer Experience Blueprint

2. Stay connected from anywhere

As you manage through the ongoing pandemic and tackle near-term challenges, how can you also prepare for what’s next and begin defining what it will mean for your patients to access “care anywhere”?

Digital Transformation Roadmap

3. Evolve toward a health ecosystem

To meet consumers where they are going and improve value and outcomes, health systems should think about steps they can take now to partner, not just build, and evolve toward thriving health ecosystems.

Partner Ecosystem Strategy

Success in healthcare’s “next act” will require new models, new thinking, and new approaches to creating value for your patients. Download our latest report for more on the trends, plus actionable steps and tools for getting started.

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