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AI Acceleration Report

AI will revolutionize the healthcare industry for the better. But many people remain skeptical of using this new, powerful technology when it comes to their health.

Currently, within the healthcare sector, there’s a shortage of AI understanding and a lack of knowledge of where to start. There are also other competing priorities like addressing worker burnout and turnover.

When you combine that with misalignment about impactful small steps vs. disruptive moonshot efforts, it’s easy to see why healthcare leaders are waiting to adopt AI.

AI skepticism creates unique challenges for healthcare leaders who are seeking to use new AI technology to enhance people’s lives. Diagnosis, which remains difficult for AI, is just one use case, and it’s not where AI will make the most impact in the near term.

Mobile interface mockup for AI.

We believe, at its heart, every healthcare interaction must have a human element. AI should then be used to enhance these interactions, not replace them.

Read our AI for Healthcare Report to discover achievable, near-term steps that healthcare leaders can take to scale AI impact without being worried about losing people’s trust.

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