Phishing Warning


Potential Recruitment Phishing

It has come to our attention that potential candidates have been contacted by individuals who are falsely representing themselves as Hero Digital team members and executives. Upon going through the false interview process, candidates are offered a position and are asked to provide personal information, including bank information to purchase equipment.

What to look out for

Our candidates’ security and interview experiences are extremely important to us. If you experience any of the following, it may be an indication of a possible scam:

  • Contacted about a position that is not listed on our job search page
  • Asked to conduct an interview via Wire or other chat platforms
  • Contacted by an email address that does not end in
  • Requested to send money or share your bank information, social security number, or date of birth

Hero Digital team members will never ask for cash, check, money order, or bank information of any candidate during the interview process. If you receive these types of communications, please report this information to:

If you would like a confirmation of your candidacy, please reach out to

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