Women in Tech: Sabrina Miele


Hero Digital is proud to feature Sabrina Miele for our Women in Tech series. Sabrina encourages women not to let their current skill set discourage them from pursuing a future in tech. Read her story below.

Initially, I didn’t plan on working in technology. For most of my life, I told everyone that I wanted to be a lawyer. When I got to college, however, I quickly realized that was not the path for me. It was a scary time. I had my whole future ahead of me and no clue what I wanted to do with it. Panicked, I began to research alternate career paths and eventually stumbled across data analytics.

I have always loved problem-solving (and making spreadsheets for every possible situation), so this seemed like the perfect field for me. But I was nervous that without a degree in something like computer science, I would be ill-equipped for the job. I began to teach myself Python and landed a data analytics internship that gave me a great foundation in the field. Things seemed to be going really well.  In the middle of this internship, the pandemic struck. When my internship ended, I had just graduated into an unstable job market. 

While looking for a job, I continued teaching myself and earned the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. The job hunt was disheartening, and I began to doubt myself. Soon after, though, I interviewed with Hero Digital and joined the company as an Associate Data Analyst in January 2021. I struggled with impostor syndrome, especially in those first few months. I was worried that my performance was inadequate and that I was letting people down.

But as I grew into the role and worked on more projects, I also grew more confident in my abilities. This was due in large part to the team surrounding me. I feel so lucky to work with a group of wonderful people who uplift me and cheer me on.  When I was promoted to the role of Data Analyst in February 2022, I knew that my hard work was paying off and that others were taking notice. Although I still struggle with impostor syndrome at times, I am now more sure of myself and my capabilities. 

My advice to any woman looking to get into technology is not to let your current skill set discourage you from pursuing a future in tech. With enough determination, you can learn anything.

Thanks for your interest in Hero Digital’s Women in Tech. At Hero, we strive to showcase outstanding female talent at our company, and in doing so, empower others—both within and outside of Hero—to join the growing number of women in technical roles across industries. Connect with us on our careers page to learn more about open positions at Hero Digital.

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