Women in Tech: Elizabeth Bresnahan


Hero Digital is excited to feature Elizabeth Bresnahan for our Women in Tech series. “It’s okay not to be the best at everything,” Elizabeth tells women, encouraging them to go for it. Read her story below.

I fell into the world of marketing automation at a previous role/company. I was a one-person team and wanted to utilize an automation platform to help streamline a portion of my work. Little did I know, that was really a full-time job! 

I got really interested in the automation platform and less interested in the other responsibilities of my job role at the time, which sprung me into making the jump to a full-time marketing automation role! 

I always try to push myself to do something even if I do not think I am qualified or ‘ready for it.’ It has taken me a long time to understand (and still learning) that it’s OK not to be the best at everything! Just go for it! 

Outside of my professional life I enjoy sailing, gardening, cooking, and spending time with my husband and son and our animals (1 dog, 2 cats). 

A favorite quote or motto that has had a profound impact on my life would be: Attitude of Gratitude. My mom used to make me repeat this phrase growing up and I now consider it a personal mantra. Life is better with a little bit of gratitude and perspective!

Thanks for your interest in Hero Digital’s Women in Tech. At Hero, we strive to showcase outstanding female talent at our company, and in doing so, empower others—both within and outside of Hero—to join the growing number of women in technical roles across industries. Connect with us on our careers page to learn more about open positions at Hero Digital.

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