Women in Tech: Amanda Kirkham


Hero Digital is excited to feature Amanda Kirkham for our Women in Tech series. Amanda encourages data professionals to always remember the who and why behind what we do with the data we gather and analyze. Read her story below.

Don’t limit yourself to just one thing. I started off my career focused on traditional marketing, and have touched upon a variety of other areas including content marketing, social media, and eventually data and insights. I followed my interests where they would take me and as such have grown with this ever-evolving industry.

I stumbled into the technology field. I took a job that was supposed to be a temporary stepping stone but found that I really enjoyed being in this industry that is in many ways still very young. It’s exciting to be part of something that hasn’t had an established set of rules, and is continually evolving. It presents so many opportunities to grow individually along with the industry itself.

An avid reader and a huge movie buff, I also love spending time with my golden retriever, Paden.

I try to always remind myself I’m where I’m at in life because of all the hard work I’ve put in through the years, and that my experiences have helped prepare me for everything I will face. It helps to have a strong support system, which I’m very lucky to have but it also requires internally believing in yourself and trusting that you’re here because you are incredibly capable.

I forget where I heard this but I absolutely love it: “Don’t forget the human in the data.” I use it as a reminder to always remember the who and why behind what we do with the data we gather and analyze.

Thanks for your interest in Hero Digital’s Women in Tech. At Hero, we strive to showcase outstanding female talent at our company, and in doing so, empower others—both within and outside of Hero—to join the growing number of women in technical roles across industries. Connect with us on our careers page to learn more about open positions at Hero Digital.

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