Black at Hero Spotlight: Tony Jennings


Hero Digital is proud to feature Tony Jennings in our Black at Hero Spotlight series. Spotlighting these amazing individuals allows us to bring attention to our diverse and multifaceted colleagues at Hero Digital. Learn a little bit about Tony below.

What is your full name and title at Hero?

Tony Jennings UX Strategy Lead

Please provide a brief summary of your role at Hero, and why you enjoy your role.

I recommend, conduct, and interpret research into how people interact with products to target information that assists in designing superior experiences. By actively engaging a user base and recognizing how sentiment influences behavior, I help creative teams build with confidence knowing that we are solving problems we know exist because we uncovered them ourselves. Knowing that I am part of a team whose goal is to relieve pain and creates positivity is what fills my cup.

What is one goal you feel you have achieved at Hero?

I feel that I’ve been able to come to work as my authentic self and immediately impact the outcome for our clients. From the first project, I’ve been encouraged to jump in with both feet, and I have appreciated the freedom and trust my teams have shown in me to operate on my instincts and discretion.

What is your favorite color?


Name something you would like to share that most people may not know about you?

I really enjoy fashion and food.

At Hero, diversity unites our teams across offices and we strive to showcase the amazing black individuals at our company, and in doing so, empower others—both within and outside of Hero.

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