Black at Hero Spotlight: Sabrina Newsome

Hero Digital is proud to feature Sabrina Newsome in our Black at Hero Spotlight series. Spotlighting these amazing individuals allows us to bring attention to our diverse and multifaceted colleagues at Hero Digital. Learn a little bit about Sabrina below.

What is your full name and title at Hero?

“Sabrina Newsome and I’m an  Associate Art Director 🙂 ”

Please provide a brief summary of your role at Hero, and why you enjoy your role.

“As an art director, I execute clever conceptual ideas into high quality design solutions for branded, social, product, and performance marketing campaigns.  I really enjoy using my artistic eye in determining the aesthetic of a piece, and bringing that look to life. 

I love the feeling of working out rounds of conceptual ideas, and seeing my favorite concept gets picked from the client! Strategically thinking of how my designs can solve the client’s needs and goals, can be hard but it’s worth it.. My role challenges me to push myself creatively and professionally in ways I’ve never imagined before I joined Hero Digital, which of course brings oodles of  joy to my nerdy heart.”

What is one goal you feel you have achieved at Hero?

“One noticeable goal I would say I have achieved is being bright.  I am always looking for opportunities to grow and enhance a skill set that I can use in my career. I like to absorb as much knowledge I can from my experiences at Hero as well from my fellow creatives.”

What is your favorite color?

“Yellow! Or anything brightly colored 😀 ”

Name something you would like to share that most people may not know about you?

“In my free time, I paint brightly colored, floral themed portraits and illustrate cartoon characters for children’s books.”

At Hero, diversity unites our teams across offices and we strive to showcase the amazing black individuals at our company, and in doing so, empower others—both within and outside of Hero.

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