Black at Hero Spotlight: Anthony Lowe


Hero Digital is proud to feature Anthony Lowe in our Black at Hero Spotlight series. Spotlighting these amazing individuals allows us to bring attention to our diverse and multifaceted colleagues at Hero Digital. Learn a little bit about Anthony below.

What is your full name and title at Hero?

I’m Anthony Lowe and I’m an Associate Creative Director here at Hero Digital.

Please provide a brief summary of your role at Hero, and why you enjoy your role.

As an ACD, my role is to facilitate the design craft and quality for the projects I work on. At the heart of craft is working in collaboration with everyone else to come together and elevate the work in unison.

Working with others to creatively problem solve and helping them achieve their goals is an important motivating factor for me. I really enjoy working with everyone, I’m in a vital role that helps facilitate those goals, all whilst pushing my design acumen forward.

What is one goal you feel you have achieved at Hero?

Mentorship and advocacy are both very important to my personal values. I know firsthand the need for mentorship and how the lack of great leadership can affect a team.

Since coming to Hero, I have worked on being an advocate for those who need a voice and providing mentorship on both an individual and a company-wide level. I hope that since I joined that I have made an impact that provides direction to others who did not feel confident in their career direction before I arrived.

What is your favorite color?

Black, my clothes are black

I’m rockin’ that black on black

Black, I’m Black…It’s black

Name something you would like to share that most people may not know about you?

Before finding my way in advertising, I worked in studio animation for a few years. One of the animation studios that I worked at, produced the television show The Venture Bros. for Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

At Hero, diversity unites our teams across offices and we strive to showcase the amazing black individuals at our company, and in doing so, empower others—both within and outside of Hero.

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