Acquia Engage recognizes our nonprofit work

Houston Methodist Acquia Engage Award logos

When the Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation came to Hero Digital to help reimagine their online giving experience, we knew the project would be a special one.

As their strategic partner, we got to bring an incredible vision to life – a mission to accelerate medical research, promote healing, and increase clinical training and residency opportunities. The organization is committed to changing the healthcare industry to deliver more innovative and compassionate treatment for patients, and we were honored to build a better donation experience to fuel that goal.

Now, less than a year after launch of the new Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation site, we’re proud to announce that our work for the Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation has won an Acquia Engage Award in the category of “Working Towards a Better Tomorrow.”

Their “Power of M” capital campaign celebrates the 100th anniversary of the hospital, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with an award-winning digital giving experience that brings medical innovation to life.

To learn more about our strategic approach behind building a philanthropic online experience, check out our Houston Methodist case study. You can also learn more by finding us at the Acquia Engage conference in Austin, Texas or dropping us a line.

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