How Hero Digital Managed Services Can Free Internal Resources


Juggling all aspects of technology strategizing, implementation, and ongoing updates is hard. Add in tight deadlines and shrinking resources, and it can seem impossible. But Hero Digital Managed Services is here to offer the digital support you need when and where you need it.

How Can Managed Services Help My Internal Team?

With more and more companies focusing on digital, the challenge to edge out competitors is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, our 2022 B2B Buyer Report found that 85% of B2B buyers would turn to a competitor if their supplier’s digital channel can’t keep up with their expectations. 

Likewise, our 2022 B2C Report revealed more and more consumers want a personalized experience, which can be tedious to keep up with. With a surge in digital marketing, businesses need to go beyond bombarding consumers with communications and focus on creating unique omnichannel experiences to build long-lasting relationships. 

By investing in Managed Services, businesses reap benefits such as: 

Preventive Approach 

By partnering with a managed services provider (MSP), your systems will be monitored for problems that can be resolved before they evolve into full-fledged software failures. Your company will be avoiding extra costs due by prioritizing prevention rather than reaction. Plus, the issues will be fixed before reaching your customers.

24/7 Support

MSPs provide you real-time alerts when problems occur and take corrective actions before any noticeable negative impact on your business. They take the constant monitoring out of your day-to-day tasks and catch any software issues, even during off-hours. 

Minimized downtime 

MSPs can cut down costs associated with downtime by preventing issues from occurring in the first place. Downtime most often revolves around software issues and unintentional human error. Reducing the risk of downtime is a task that internal team members may not have the bandwidth to tackle effectively. 


Investing in an IT team is expensive and time-consuming. Even after investment, you may find that they are not well-equipped to manage new systems and technology. MSPs are here to offer 24/7 access to a team of certified digital experts that will fill in any gaps in your team’s expertise. They also can share strategic recommendations and best practices as your trusted advisor. 

Can Managed Services Reduce Total IT Cost? 

Hero Digital Managed Services is an offering available to new and current clients. The service allows our team of experts to handle the maintenance and day-to-day tasks of ongoing tech and marketing support. The additional resources allow your internal teams to handle the other important responsibilities that can’t be outsourced. 

Managed IT services not only help identify possible IT costs and issues, but also help develop realistic solutions that eliminate downtime. Investing in an IT service means integrating a proactive approach that can reduce or even eliminate IT issues surrounding recovery problems, cloud computing, transfers, software management issues and more. 

You should never adopt the mentality of “wait till it breaks to fix it.” By taking advantage of managed IT services, you can monitor, analyze, and create remedies for IT inconsistencies. Managed services enable organizations to operate more efficiently leading to reduced resources and overall costs.

Why Choose Managed IT Services? 

Going digital makes modern-day business processes increasingly more efficient and insightful through data utilization. However, this means your business practices need to be managed and maintained to keep up with technological upgrades. 

Managed services providers offer expert support and services so you can focus on what your business does best, while MPSs focus on the internal pressures of your business practices, making investment necessary for overall company growth and success.

Investing in managed services means outsourcing maintenance and repairs to experts to remain competitive and maximize efficiency. But it’s important to take note of what makes a beneficial provider for your company. 

24/7/365 Coverage

Not every managed service requires 24/7/365 monitoring; however, the digital economy relies on the constant uptime of network services. Look into MSPs service agreements and make sure they align with your company’s needs. 

Digital Experts

Choosing a managed service provider that demonstrates expertise and experience is crucial. MSPs are responsible for monitoring, guiding and even acting on behalf of an organization, so making sure your provider has in-depth knowledge is necessary to see if they can meet the increasingly complex demands the digital industry is asking for. 

Organizational Awareness

Look for MSPs that value customer service. Strong providers consider the way that people, technology and processes work together. The more holistic a provider is, the easier it will be able to see how your business is functioning as a whole. 


When evaluating, consider a provider that can assist in scaling your business. An MSP that can continue to provide services and recommendations that evolve with your company and organizational goals is optimal. 

Investing in a managed services IT provider allows you to continue to evolve while a team of experts keeps up with the internal maintenance. Not only does Hero Digital Managed Services connect you to our team of diversified technology experts, but it keeps the technology work within the same group of people. 

That means we don’t “launch and leave,” we offer you the option to stay by your side before, during and after launch. Our team is already familiar with your company, the industry, and its unique needs. Let us continue to help you through the busy and slow times, whatever your technology needs may be.  

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