More growth, more human impact


We thought that agencies, holding companies, and big system integrators were stale, and that the world needed something different – a purpose built experience company that could not just inspire the CMO, but help turn their vision into reality.  We were right about that, and the company has been on a meteoric growth path ever since.

While our strategy was sound and our team has worked harder than any I have ever seen, we were also blessed with good luck in the early years, which never hurts. We founded on an idea, but Hero is becoming a movement – with a 400 person workforce united behind the CX goals of our clients.

Now in our fifth year, I’m honored to share that we’ve ranked on a handful of the industry’s top Fastest Growing Companies lists: Adweek’s Fastest Growing Agencies and Inc. 5000 nationally, and local rankings in The San Francisco Business Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer. I’m humbled by the local and national recognition we’ve received for our rapid growth, especially when I think back to our burgeoning beginnings as a team of four.

While revenue and headcount growth are great metrics, the most rewarding part of Hero’s expansion has been the scale and human impact of our work. Very few people could say that they’ve never interacted with one of our clients’ brands, whether they’ve shopped at Nordstrom, gotten cash from a U.S. Bank ATM, logged a client call in Salesforce, or watched TV via Comcast. Hero has had the opportunity to touch millions of people, making their experiences with their favorite brands more seamless and delightful. That human impact is the most surreal part of the growth that Hero has seen, and it’s what keeps me and the team coming back for more.

As we continue to grow, our singular focus on the customer will never waver. We have always created experiences that are as beautiful as they are functional. We have always connected our clients to their end customers with unique, personal touchpoints. Our commitment to customer experience will only continue to grow as the company does.

I feel very lucky to lead a company that is not about me; it’s about the team working together doing what none of us could do alone. Every day, I’m humbled to lead and excited to come to work.

Here’s to the past, present, and future.

Dave Kilimnik
CEO, Hero Digital

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