Elevating the experience: A Sitecore Symposium recap

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We’re back from Sitecore Symposium. Refreshed and eager to dig into new platform enhancements, our minds are buzzing with ideas to elevate customer experiences to another whole level. The theme of the conference was the importance of seamlessly weaving content and democratizing personalization, and we couldn’t agree more.

The “Content Hub” of the Future

We’re stoked. Sitecore announced its planned acquisition of Stylelabs, which empowers marketers to deliver an end-to-end content, commerce, and personalization platform across any channel.

By incorporating Stylelabs’ digital asset management (DAM), marketing resource management (MRM), and product information management (PIM) applications, Sitecore Experience Cloud enables marketing departments to create and optimize the volume of assets needed to treat customers as individuals. In turn, businesses can provide the right information, products, and services right when the customer needs them, building engagement, trust and loyalty, and lifetime value.

Read more about preparing for a successful DAM implementation, which happens to be one of Hero Digital’s specialties.

Unleash the Power of the Sitecore Platform

Sitecore is focused on bringing power to marketers and developers so they can deliver personalized customer experiences. In the 9.1 release, expect a multitude of new capabilities that refine and enhance existing functionality and help customers get to market faster.

We’re particularly excited about Sitecore JavaScript Services. “We’re doing more work with front end frameworks and full page caching via CDN’s,” says Charlie Darney, Director of Engineering at Hero Digital. “The JavaScript Services library will help us deliver more complex features using Sitecore, while maintaining a fast and client-side compatible solution.”

Breakout Session: “Better Together: Sitecore and Salesforce”

Personalization is the holy grail for many companies, but it can be elusive to achieve. In this popular session, Kristine Stebbins, SVP of Client Services at Hero Digital, provided step-by-step guidance on how to plan and execute an integration between Sitecore and Salesforce that walks you through the decisions regarding what customer data is captured and shared between the two platforms.

Breakout Session: “Driving Digital Marketing Maturity and Customer Experience with Sitecore and Salesforce”

Sitecore is at the core of your customer experience. However, becoming a mature digital marketing organization requires the integration of customer data, CRM, and email. Tony Rems, Chief Technology Officer at Hero Digital, showed how it all fits together to help drive your customer experiences to the next level.

Breakout Session: “Why Aren’t You Using Sitecore Analytics?”

It’s one of the most powerful tools in the Sitecore platform, however many customers aren’t taking advantage of it. Kristine Stebbins, SVP of Client Services at Hero Digital, shared creative ways to combine the power of Sitecore Analytics with Google Analytics – providing customer stories in healthcare, manufacturing, and retail sectors along with example dashboards and technologies, such as Power BI and Tableau.

Congratulations to the winner of our booth giveaway, Ted Napierkowski of GoDaddy.com!

Until next year, Sitecore Symposium.


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