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Some key insights from the latest findings…

  • Two out of three people are now saying they’ve used telehealth at least once
  • Comfort with in-person visitation doesn’t appear to have a strong impact on interest in telehealth
  • Patients reporting that prior to COVID-19 saw a doctor for management of an ongoing condition were +20% more likely to have increased telehealth usage
  • First-Time Telehealth Adopters skew towards an audience that is older, more suburban or rural, and middle-lower income

More research and perspectives

Getting beyond the either/or of virtual vs. in-person care

This research report examines different care contexts to identify where virtual makes sense – and where it may not. It reveals patient expectations and preferences for interacting with providers – and where technology needs to be supplemented with a human touch.

Preparing for Healthcare’s Next Act

The future of care is not just convenient and virtual-first, but designed around the customers’ needs. Download our latest special report for a deep dive into three macro-trends powering this movement — plus actionable steps and tools for getting started with a reimagined customer experience.

Loyalty in Healthcare, post COVID-19

In a survey conducted by Hero Digital in August 2020, only about half of patients reported feeling loyal to their current provider, with individuals who have relocated or changed jobs being more likely to switch. This transition uncovers a potential audience of about 25 million who will be searching for a provider who can give them a seamless, integrated experience.

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