Elan: a Division of U.S. Bank

Driving revenue for over 1,300 local banks and credit unions

Elan: a Division of U.S. Bank



It’s nearly impossible for Bankers to be an expert in every product offering they have available to customers.

Yet they are having conversations and making recommendations to customers every day. They often default to the products they are most familiar with, limiting growth potential of new offerings.

Elan needed a way to seamlessly close the knowledge gap so bankers could feel confident and empowered to drive sales of new cards and retain existing cardholders.


  • Built a digital ecosystem for product specific training and access to customizable marketing assets
  • Streamlined the application process to drive increase in new cards sold
  • Provided bankers access to their real-time results performance dashboards
  • Developed a reward and recognition system for bankers
  • Architected a business-critical technology platform that’s fully integrated into their partner ecosystem


Research and Insights
Experience Design
Experience Strategy
Technology Platform Planning
Data and Insights
Analytics and CDP
Content Strategy and Creation

Our Impact
Increase in credit card applications year over year
+ 0 %
Increase in new card holders year over year
+ 0 %
What Our Clients Are Saying
“We’re continuously receiving positive feedback from our banker community on the experiences and tools. Unlike anything I’ve heard in the past. Continued optimizations are driving very positive engagement.”
Jim Poluch
Senior Vice President, Elan Client Marketing
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