The Complete Commerce Experience

View our digital commerce webinar featuring Ted Schadler, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.


Harmonize technology to create value for people across every touchpoint.

The customer journey is no longer linear or channel-specific. It’s dynamic and on-the-go, taking many sharp turns at a moment’s notice. 

To succeed in this landscape, every company—from B2C brands that sell clothing directly to consumers to B2B manufacturers that sell automotive parts to large companies—must deliver a complete commerce experience.

Venn diagram of Physical, Digital, History, and Context spheres

Serving people across every touchpoint requires a cohesive commerce ecosystem that removes friction during every interaction. Creating a complete commerce experience can’t be done alone. Technology, data, and creative must work together in harmony.

Where to go next in your digital commerce journey depends heavily on where you are today.

View our webinar to:

  • Learn what leaders are doing right when creating a commerce experience
  • See how to build a commerce experience that allows you to continuously improve
  • Discover what it takes from technology, data, and creative teams to create a complete commerce experience

Featured Speakers

Ted Schadler
Ted Schadler
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Ted Schadler serves technology executives. Ted’s work at Forrester spans 26 years, starting with the early days of the Internet, open source, and web services and consistently analyzing the impact of software and disruptive technologies on people and on businesses. As part of the Technology Executive research team, Ted’s research and guidance expertise focuses on technology strategy, the role of service providers as co-innovation partners, the CIO’s role in the growth agenda, and digital experience and commerce services. He recently reincorporated AI research to analyze the impact of generative AI on companies.

Chris Kostakis
Christopher Kostakis
CTO, Hero Digital

With two decades of experience in the digital customer experience and commerce technology space, Christopher Kostakis is a proven leader in leveraging technology-driven strategies and capabilities for high-growth businesses through digital experience, commerce, and marketing transformation. As the chief technology officer, Kostakis oversees Hero Digital’s technology capabilities and solutions that include capability and talent development; creation of value-add technology assets; strategic partnership roadmap; and the company’s global technology delivery operations.

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