Consumer Goods Report

Unlock digital transformation by discovering what matters to today’s consumers.

Truth & Beauty Index

Successful digital transformation outcomes come from making the right choices for your business based on what matters most to your customers.

The Consumer Goods Truth & Beauty Index highlights what drives both brand choice and customer advocacy, illuminating key takeaways from four generations—Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer—and three industry sub-sectors—Grocery, Apparel, and Mass Merchandise.

Each generation and industry has unique customer experience priorities, defined by what consumers say is important when choosing a brand and what they feel is important when recommending a brand.

This next generation customer experience report analyzes what matters most to today’s consumers and the strategies industry leaders should prioritize to accelerate digital transformation.

Consumer Goods CX Index

Gen Z

Gen Z consumers value quality products, reasonable prices, and a style that speaks to them


Millennials value easy shopping experiences, outstanding customer service, and relevant product selection.

Gen X

Gen X consumers value trust and in-person interactions.


Boomers value continual improvement and a solid selection of unique products.

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