Transcend Transactions

How to serve people instead of selling to them.
Connected Commerce

Commerce is the most tangible value exchange—a human need is met and a business is supported.

The customer journey is no longer linear or channel specific. It’s on the go, dynamic, in the home, and outside of the home, taking many sharp turns at a moment’s notice. It’s time to reset your perspective, whether you’re just getting started or deep into managing commerce experiences.

How well you serve people during every interaction—from initial shopping and purchase to delivery and support—will make or break their perception of your company.

Business leaders must keep a pulse on customers who are in constant motion. It’s essential to remove friction and make products easy to discover. This requires an approach that places people, and their ever-changing needs, at its center.

Connected Commerce Playbook

By placing people at the center of your strategy, your commerce ecosystem expands naturally, gaining momentum as it grows. At every point of maturity, it’s critical to assess how well you’re serving people. Your present and future commerce objectives should enhance their lives.

Serving people requires a cohesive commerce ecosystem that removes friction during every interaction. Strategy, data, design, and technology must work together in harmony.

Hero Digital’s Connected Commerce Playbook helps business leaders enhance people’s lives through digital experiences. 

Dig into this report to create value for people, scale globally, and integrate everywhere.


Serve your customers’ important human needs.


Build connections between physical and digital.


Integrate the platforms that matter.

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