B2B Manufacturing Commerce

Activate digital commerce strategies to meet rising expectations in manufacturing.
Connected Commerce

Manufacturers must connect with multiple personas who are making complex decisions.

B2B manufacturers have many new opportunities to develop direct to consumer channels, optimize sales to end users, and better serve distributor and dealer networks.

It’s time to reset your perspective, whether you’re just getting started or are already experimenting with radical new selling experiences and transaction capabilities. Ask, has your experience evolved to serve what your buyers want and how they behave? Or are you still letting dealers and distributors dictate your customers’ experiences?

However buyers connect, it’s essential to remove friction and make products and services easy to discover. This requires an approach that places people, and their ever-changing needs, at its center.

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Manufacturing leaders make a meaningful impact on the buyers they serve. They don’t just churn out products. They’re the engines of success for partners and distributors. They align with buyers’ requirements to accomplish goals, solve problems, and help people live better lives.

Hero Digital’s B2B Manufacturing Commerce Playbook helps companies enhance people’s lives through digital experiences.

Dig into this report to create value for people, scale globally, and integrate everywhere.


Serve your customers’ important human needs.


Build connections between physical and digital.


Elevate your core commerce experience.

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