Rise of Neobanks

Winning the Future Battle with Neobanks

Transform traditional banking to meet the increasing customer demand for empowerment, shared values, and guidance.

Hero Digital is excited to release a new CX Snapshot: Winning the Future Battle with Neobanks. This report showcases what financial services customers value most about neobanks and the customer experience initiatives that traditional banks should prioritize to win in the future.

The rise of neobanks highlights a rapid change in the financial services industry. Using mobile technology and remote agents to provide 24/7 online services, neobanks are changing customer expectations.

In just a short time, neobanks have gained a loyal following, with high opinions. By revolutionizing the concept of convenience and connecting with customers in new intimate ways, these organizations are poised to challenge traditional banks.

Financial services leaders must transform their business strategies to meet the increasing demand for empowerment, shared values, and guidance.

Winning the future battle against this new breed of banks requires strategic digital transformation. Traditional banks must examine what’s driving customer advocacy and create digital experiences that connect with today’s financial services customers on a human level.

Download the full report to win the battle with neobanks and connect with today’s banking customers.

Win the Battle with Neobanks

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