The Customer Intelligence Mosaic

Using Customer Data Platforms to create superior customer modeling and messaging across every touchpoint

Hero Digital is proud to publish The Customer Intelligence Mosaic. This executive report helps business leaders make their customer data matter.

Imagine meeting your customers’ greatest needs: airtight data privacy, true personalization, and ultra-responsive online experiences. 

Does your marketing technology help deliver them? 

Today, most marketing tools amass troves of data but need help to make the information matter. Third-party cookies are disappearing, the disparate parts don’t fit into a whole, and marketers cannot create a complete picture of the people they serve.

To thrive, business leaders must have a clearer vision. 

As the next evolution of marketing technology, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) collect and unify first-party data, creating complete, coherent views of your customers—weaving the elements into an intelligent mosaic.

Customer Data Platforms - Hero DIgital

Marketers operating with CDPs as a single source of truth will chart the path forward, creating more beautiful customer interactions with fewer data blind spots.

“In a world where first-party relationships and data are essential for digital leaders, being able to bring data across assets, behaviors, and customers into a single view is necessary to drive the right outcomes.”

– Alex Atzberger, CEO, Optimizely

You might ask yourself, What are the benefits beyond data centralization? First, CDPs offer a wide-angle view over more data than older, siloed systems. But there are many more benefits, from first-class data integration to driving meaningful online experiences.

What if you could personalize onboarding experiences based on granular demographics, purchase histories, and more? Suddenly, you’re engaging a human being with stated needs and wishes—the perfect customer.

Read this report to discover how CDPs can take your customer intelligence gathering to the next level by improving data collection, safeguarding privacy, and driving true personalization.

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