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Retail and Consumer Goods

From retail transactions to retail experiences.

In a market where retailers are pressured by both behemoths like Amazon and digitally native brands, how can your brand effectively compete?

  • Ask meaningful questions. Go from “how do we increase average order value?” to thinking about how your brand can respond to human truths and change behaviors.

  • Use tech as a tool, not a strategy. Technology like voice, AI, and VR should make retail experiences feel like fluid extensions of people’s everyday lives, not gimmicks.

  • Balance intimacy and scale. Some new experiences are better approached with test markets, and others are better rolled out at scale – we can help you evaluate.

  • Consider your ecosystem. Product, distribution, advertising, and customer service are all parts of the experience – not just in-store or online shopping.

Female Customer Shopping In Independent Clothing Store Looking At Racks

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We’ve helped retailers like Nordstrom, Gap, Sephora, and Bed Bath & Beyond make their customer experience ecosystems more seamless and personal – from purchase to fulfillment.
"Competition from behemoths and DTC upstarts have challenged traditional retailers to race across the digital transformation tightrope. Many have fallen, but the retailers that leverage data to creatively differentiate and better serve customers have earned the loyalty needed to survive."
Owen Frivold headshot
Owen Frivold
Practice Lead, Strategy

Truth is the customer reality.
Beauty is in the brand response.