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Digital is no longer a siloed retail channel, it’s an essential aspect that runs through every consumer retail experience. With the meteoric rise of ecommerce and omnichannel shopping over the past year, it’s never been more important to look beyond single transactions to instead understand how consumers interact with your brand at every touchpoint and the incredible opportunities that digital can unlock in terms of bringing value to both companies and consumers.

How can your brand use digital to create differentiated experiences?

It’s time to start asking meaningful questions. Brands need to move from thinking about “how do we increase average order value?” to how they can respond to human truths and change behaviors. By looking beyond in-store or online shopping to the full experience—product, distribution, advertising, and customer service — brands can design seamless experiences that set them apart from competitors and carve out a niche for future success.

Retail innovation can be fun, but it needs to go way beyond gimmicks. Technology like voice, AI, and VR should make retail experiences feel like fluid extensions of people’s everyday lives, while solving for real customer needs and pain points.

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Digital product and experiences that serve the needs of customers, in-house makeup artists and partner brands.

Driving a data-driven direct-to-consumer transformation of their gift cards business — inclusive of branding, omni-channel commerce experience, and infrastructure.

Customer experience and performance marketing partner across the consumer and B2B divisions.

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B2B/B2C commerce partner, supporting multi-instance Magento Cloud implementation.

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Digital strategy and experience partner.

B2B/B2C commerce implementation partner utilizing Magento Commerce.

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“The customer journey is no longer linear or channel-specific. It’s on-the-go, dynamic, in-the-home, and outside of the home, taking many sharp turns at a moment's notice.”
Danielle Rossi Managing Director, Northeast
Jessica Gehring VP, Client Services

Leading retail and consumer brands claim significant results.

+122% Increase in online products sold for Comcast Xfinity
+112% Increase in retained customers for Comcast Xfinity

"Hero Digital understood our customer experience goals and delivered a strategy-led experience that exceeded expectations.”

Christopher Sawyer, Director of Digital, Nerium International

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