Audience based; Results focused

The typical approach to driving search engine optimization (SEO) growth leaves little to be desired. Brands are being asked to believe in a “special sauce” approach, or are being asked to “trust us and you will see.”  The truth is there is no secret weapon or silver bullet. It takes an understanding of the key pillars that drive organic search outcomes (not just traffic or ranking). Those key pillars are:

  • Optimized technology that allows engines to crawl content and markup as natively as they are designed
  • Content that is useful and useable in a real-world context, not just created to live on a search engine results page
  • Data-driven decisions based on an understanding of your target audience needs and wants through each stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Understanding the complex ecosystem and signals that drive organic search value like social engagement, interaction data, and brand signals

At Hero, we have developed a set of tool-kits to transparently communicate our process and objectively report results based on agreed upon successful outcomes. SEO strategy is an important and dynamic component of overall marketing strategy, and critical to your overall success.

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