Innovation Strategy

Predict the unpredictable and bring new ways of thinking to life

Great brands persist through constant reinvention. We empower brands to uncover, evaluate and build upon their greatest opportunities so they no longer need to react to the future, but can create the future.

Our process begins by uncovering the needs users do not know they have and the social forces that no one will be able to avoid. We distill this data into an informed strategy that can pivot old ways of thinking, open up valuable new markets, or define a new long-term direction for a brand. As we open up a portfolio of opportunities, we are able to collaboratively bring opportunities to life through our service, experience, and product design capabilities.

Our approach starts with a differentiated proposition and a set of human-centered values, bringing brand purpose upstream into the brand’s value proposition, message hierarchy, and brand identity system. We consider how the brand manifests itself in a digital world as we move downstream into creative design, experience strategy and communications.

What we do

  • Whitespace Research & Insights
  • Ideation & Envisioning
  • Customer & Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Innovation Planning
  • Scenario Planning
  • Concept Prototyping & Audience Validation
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