Customer Lifecycle Marketing

‘Always-on’ customer lifecycle

The linear marketing funnel is outdated. B2C and B2B brands need a new marketing ecosystem for the connected consumer era. Customer Lifecycle Marketing now involves the whole customer journey in an integrated way, from first prospect contact to customer relationship management rather than narrowly focusing on a given campaign, channel or metric. Instead of focusing on separate campaigns, successful brands use an ‘always-on’ approach to marketing across a customer journey of touchpoints, devices, and channels.  

We apply a customer centric value approach to lifecycle marketing analysis and future state lifecycle mapping, looking at life stages, audiences, touchpoints, messages, and data requirements. 

What we do

  • Lifecycle Customer Journeys
  • Segment treatments
  • Email/ SMS
  • Display/ Social Ads
  • Onsite Personalization
  • Data-driven behavior optimization
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