Truth & Beauty Index

Discover what matters most to create a superior digital customer experience.

Successful digital transformation outcomes come from making the right choices for your business based on what matters most to your customers.

The Truth & Beauty Index lets you discover what matters most to people. Using our advanced framework, you’re able to see the hidden attributes that drive both brand choice and brand advocacy, so that you can place your customer at the center of your digital strategy.

This inaugural report provides key industry and audience benchmarks to drive focus when making critical digital transformation decisions. Take actions that enhance your customers’ lives and build lasting value by viewing your business through a human lens.

Customer Truths

In consumer goods, product selection and availability stood out as key differentiators.

Financial services customers now expect transparency and data protection above all other factors when recommending a brand.

For wellness brands—including fitness and nutrition companies—customers seek out quality of product or service, with brand stature standing out as significant.

Healthcare customers want to have options for both digital and in-person care and value ease, quality, and understanding the most in their experience.

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